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Hybrid Classes: A vision towards the future of education

Clases Híbridas

Schools and educational institutions worldwide have the difficult task of finding solutions that allow them to be better prepared for school continuity despite the difficulties that affect the country or the entire world, as is currently the case with COVID-19.

The main advantage of hybrid classes is that it incorporates the best practices of online training with the most valuable of the face-to-face. This is an alternative teaching modality that has been gaining strength for many years as one of the most suitable formats for education in the current era, digital, the pandemic accelerated its implementation, adapting to new learning styles, where ICTs have become in a fundamental aspect.


Hybrid Classes: Initial Experience.

Our webcam solutions for video conferencing are  designed and oriented so that the teacher or teacher who gives his classes from his desk and has a computer, totally improve the experience of teaching online classes.

  • Webcams feature a high-quality FHD up to 4K camera and built-in microphones all in one.

  • Convenient clip-on mount to computer or tripod allowing flexibility.

  • It can be implemented in classrooms by mounting the webcam in a strategic point directed to what needs to be exposed.

  • Flexible and can be transported to the place that is deemed convenient.

Based on our experience, we suggest you implement our select solutions, which will help you drastically improve your experience teaching online classes.

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What do we need?

Your computer