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Evoko Minto works seamlessly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Working either via Bluetooth or cable, it only takes a few seconds to connect. The blue color, showing that a Bluetooth device is connected, turns green when a call is active and instantly turns red when muted, letting you know that you can speak freely

Excellent listener

Evoko Minto is unique in her ability to hear what is really important. Even in noisy environments and with people talking at different distances or moving. Four directive microphones alternate to capture only the voice of the person speaking and exclude all distractions. Minto easily covers rooms of 20 people - get your message out loud and clear to everyone on the call. Evoko Minto is a great listener.

amazing sound

Extraordinary sound, based on a decade of research with proprietary sound enhancement software and a speaker chosen for its ability to clearly reproduce the human voice. When you don't want to be heard for some reason, just slide your hand in the air above it. The Halo light instantly turns red and the microphones are muted so you can speak freely. Evoko Minto has incorporated voice instruction technology for clear and informative updates. 

unique design

Evoko Minto is designed by award-winning Swedish designers No Picnic. Design is one of the keys to great performance. So easy to use that absolutely anyone can master it. Because it is battery powered, you can instantly use it in any room. When you're done, just pop it on the wall mount to charge and free up your meeting room table space.

  • Works seamlessly with mobile phone, tablet or laptop

  • Connect with Bluetooth or cable and control through your own device.

  • Call directly over the cellular network or use the UC app of your choice

  • Perfect for eg. Microsoft Lync, Skype, and Google Hangouts

  • Patented sound enhancement software and four directional microphones for state-of-the-art echo cancellation, noise reduction, and voice enhancement

  • Easily cover rooms for 20 people - Minto captures sound within a 10m (32ft) range

  • Sound technology based on decade-long research. Speaker that enhances the clarity of the human voice. Do you want to speak freely?

  • Swipe to silence Halo Light and Voice Feedback always lets everyone know what's going on

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